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After Social Networks, what next?

This is an interesting Guardian report on an event hosted by the Said Business School in Oxford on Monday night. Some US entreprenuers spoke to a packed house with speakers including top execs from Paypal, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

‘Ram Shriram, a founding board member of Google and one of the search giant’s first investors, pointed discussion in a different direction. “Combining social and mobile – there is a new wave of oppportunities coming up, a growth of users, so mobile internet is clearly the next major computing cycle. And this time this didn’t start in the US, but in Asia and Europe from where it is going to the US,” he said.’

social radio

blipping marvelous, it launched in May ’08 and exploded this August.  blip.fm from Fuzz Artists, Inc is one vision of social radio.  Radio from the bottom up not top down.  When things are turned on their head the world can seem upside down, a revolution is taking place.

Radio listeners are being courted 1Kbit at a time via the web & the mobile web.  My colleague Dean Whitbread explains blip.fm here (and I will not try to repeat his text here) and Mark Ramsey of Mercury Media Research shows a mobile vision of social radio here.  coupled with efforts by radio’s vanguard like Rick OShea on RTE 2FM, who is using twitter & blogs to enhance the channels with listeners both on & off air,  social radio is sparking and it is resonating with audience and by passing the powers that be.

Below are some of my blipped tracks.  One thing I can add about blip, it’s lean forward & lean back radio, very clever.  To discuss this more meet me in Kilkenny Sept 27th 2008 at podcamp ireland where I hope to demo the PSP version of ilikeradio player.

You Better Shape UP

Brands are fast recognising the benefits of advertising on the web and within social media. If Generation X are spending more time online than offline then clever brands know thats where to put the money. The problem at the moment is that although social networks are happy to run paid advertising the industry has not caught up yet with methods of distributing ads or ways to track delivery and reach (see post Dude, Where’s My Audience?). These are important to advertisers and taken for granted in traditional media spend. Its not enough to say “you know you should be here” – social networks need to invest in this area if they are to sustain any revenue going forward.

The Gaurdian reported today that Vodafone and First Direct have both pulled their spend from Facebook when they realised their ads were running on rotation on the British National Party’s page. Hopefully this move will lead to refinements in the technology so that the situation does not arise again and hurt a new medium.