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Blip is bigger

blip.fmActive blipper and convener of blipathon (feb 14) Brian Greene says Blip is getting bigger and its doing it fast.

To follow the growth we use the doop hosted & @dojodub developed external blip stats system called busy blippers

feedback blipdublin@gmail.com 35958 active users in the last 7 days // 481039 blips in the last 7 days // average 13.38 blips per user / 68719 per day / 2863 per hour / 47 per minute

That’s a lot of music played and comments felt. 

Brian himself recently became the most listened to DJ on blip now having in excess of 20,000 listeners (all of which are not active in the last week!). Once again 2.0 shows that when the platforms honeymoon period is over the real test for a social network is its content (the songs / the  picking of them / and the comments added) and the loyal active user base. 

[at the time of posting Blip.fm service is down as it is undergoing maintenance.]