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Online payment system for Tattersalls

Tattersalls Entry Payments Page

In July 2009 doop were contracted to build an online payments system for Tattersalls Ireland Limited.

Tattersalls bloodstock auctioneers hold 7 auctions per annum over 21 days selling 1000’s of lots from their complex in Ratoath, Co.Meath. Traditionally vendors selling lots would pay entry fees of lots at the sale by cheque. The ability to pay entry fees online would provide an alternative payment method for vendors.

Doop developed a bespoke entry system that captured all required details for multiple lots with a payments gateway to allow for the secure payment of the entry fees by credit card.

The business implication of this installation for Tattersalls means that vendors have more control and access to payments and entries. Also the system has been so successful Tattersalls now see 60% of entry fees are now paid online and this figure is growing with each sale.

The hidden benefit of this move to online payments is that Tattersalls have been able to shift payment terms from invoicing to upfront payments which, as any business knows this assists greatly with cash flow. Such is the volume of transactions through the new system, the company have been able to negotiate better gateway fees and are further driving down the cost of taking online payments.

There is of course a cultural shift in such systems, but satisfaction among vendors with the new payments method is universal.

ustream or not to stream?

doop have been broadcasting Tattersall’s bloodstock auctions for over 5 years using the Realmedia Platform and for this year’s September Yearling sale we tried something different. Why?

Well, we wanted to try out ustream.tv, an FLV live streaming service. This service is a major advance on streaming with only a 1 or 2 second video delay on the live event – as opposed to the 50 second delay delivered by older technologies. What was the outcome?

Well it worked – and beautifully. This prestigious bloodstock sale was broadcast to international vendors and buyers in almost realtime – allowing them to practically participate in the sale and keep a close eye on the action.

The sale was broadcast live for 72 hours over a three days from Ratoath in Co. Meath. As well as the video broadcast we provided audio only feeds of the sale for an audience of 128 listeners, increasing to 512 on demand.

doop, through Talking Voices (our podcasting services division in Ireland) have facilitated conference podcasting for many Irish events. By providing podcasts of conferences and seminars, event managers are able to open up the conference content to both delegates and potential attendees unable to attend due to geographical restrictions. Now by using a FLV live streaming service we can provide LIVE views of the conference to a larger audience. Talk to us for more information.