Wednesday, April 11, 2007

radio 4 moves to the movies

radio is staggering but at least its still moving. we read in the Guardian [free sub] that Radio 4 (BBC) is making a 90 minute movie to sit along side two 45 minute audio pieces. The film is to be made by director Conor Lennon.

Mr Lennon said the project aimed to invert the relationship between sound and vision and provide a "vision track" to the spoken material.

When it is broadcast, Radio 4 will have a red button service for digital TV transmission enabling viewers to see the visual material, the first time the station has shown a feature-style film to accompany spoken material.

"Radio is very excited about introducing visual material because of new technology," Mr Lennon said. "In Korea they are developing Eye River radio sets which can transmit images to accompany the sound and Radio 4 wants to be a part of this multiplatform revolution.

bhg says -- did they mean iRiver ? DRM will have images too! and DRM+ will have mobile TV "radio - i get the picture"

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