Thursday, March 08, 2007

Indie music global web2.0 licence

Global Music New Media Licensing Agency Merlin Launches at Midem With Snocap Deal
from ezine (today)

The agreement will enable repertoire from potentially thousands of independent labels across the world to be put into Snocap’s retail MyStore initiative, which enables music to be downloaded from web sites across the world, including via their partnership with MySpace, the world’s number one social networking site.

Caldas explains: “The Snocap deal is a perfect example of the value that Merlin brings to its members and to new music services, by creating an easy one-stop mechanism for both to do business”. More high profile deals will follow, giving independents across the world access to digital opportunities and income streams that were only available to the majors previously.


worldsurfradio said...

Should be good, but there are more and more labels moving this way


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