Monday, February 12, 2007

Balcony TV unplugged by YouTube

YouTube has deleted the account of Balcony TV. The vidcasters 220+ videos are off line and Balcony TV are not sure why. breaking details at
in a statement there Stephen O'Regan says

Its true we are very sorry to say. We have just checked the BalconyTV YouTube account and it seems all our videos have been removed and our account has been disabled. The first we sensed of this was a couple of weeks ago when the Dirty 9s video was removed for apparent copyright reasons. The same happened with Super Jimenez and Barry McCabe the following week.
We are guessing that all videos will now be inactive on various groups MySpaces...we are very sorry about this.
For most acts we still have the raw footage of performances...but alas we have lost a few along the way due to technical mishaps.
This is a shock to us as it may be to you.
Watch this space...and keep reading the BalconyTV Blog for updates.

Blooming eck.

more huffing and puffing by me about this on my personal blog


Ken said...

I'm disgusted at that... can't believe the neck on YouTube!

2:37 PM  
dbspin said...

This is disgraceful, unfortunately not surprising given the current climate of copyright witch-hunting.

12:46 AM  
topgold said...

In a world of free speech, only the censors are truly free.

3:34 AM  

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