Saturday, September 23, 2006

JNLR reveals shift to Podcasts

[Reg Req] [Link] Irish Indo reported September 7th... In Dublin, iPod ownership grew 95pc in the April to June period, compared with the same three months of 2005, with 37pc of under-35s in the city owning one. In Cork, iPod ownership surged 121pc, and 31pc of the population own them.

... these new technologies provided opportunities for radio stations and other media, giving rock station Phantom FM as an example of a broadcaster exploiting podcasting.
the Phantom returns Halloween October 31st 2006 on 105.2FM & online currently. be scared.

RTÉ audience Council on podcasting

To the RTÉ Audience Council on june 7th 2006
Podcasts of Radio Programmes

[link] JP Coakley gave a very interesting presentation on podcasts, including a demonstration, as well as other developments which are taking place. There are many audio podcasts available from RTÉ Radio and a video podcast (Crap Rap) has begun recently – however, it was pointed out that bandwidth can be expensive for the broadcaster and that video podcasts use a great deal of bandwidth. Also, a trial is currently underway to send RTÉ 1 and RTÉ 2 TV live to mobile phones. The best way forward is to move FM into the digital age via DAB as well as developing our online offering. Podcasting still has only a very small number of users but it is not expensive to produce if it is recycled content which has already been generated for radio and television. The question of rights was raised and it was confirmed that rights organisations, record companies etc are anxious to protect their rights.
yes its early days for podcasts but must they only be recycled non music programmes? the BBC is making video and audio podcasts specially for download.YouTube(verb) the TV we pay for with our licence fee (see Late Late Show on YouTube) , the kids will see it on the Bebo flash box TV.

Which mobile operator is streaming RTE TV ? is it DVB-H? does it add up to the audience council quality mark of being "Free To Air"?

Bandwidth is not as expensive as electricity like the €1M+ it costs to power 252LW

DAB is old hat technology invented in 1987 (19 years ago) DAB is sub quality codec cul-de-sac RTE should run away from. Have RTE looked at DRM for FM? there are of 600 HD radio stations on air now in the USA in the MW/FM bands.

extra: a recent podcast of mine dealing with DRM radio

Friday, September 22, 2006

Radio Bebo anseo agaibh

Radio listeners across Ireland will join internet users worldwide next Monday, as they tune in to the first episode of a new series focusing on the social aspects of the internet.

It’s the first time an Irish radio series has been devoted exclusively to the phenomenon of “online social networking”, of which the best known example in recent months has been Bebo. What’s more: all 59 episodes of the show will be in Irish.

The programme is called An Líonra Sóisialta, which translates to The Social Network. It will broadcast a 12 minute episode each day for 12 weeks.

So far, 7 Irish radio stations have confirmed that they will broadcast the show and its producer believes several more will join over the next few weeks as the series gathers steam.

Thanks to the internet, however, the show will be available to anyone who wants to hear it, anywhere in the world. An Líonra Sóisialta will also be a “podcast” – a downloadable MP3 sound file that users can listen to on their PC, or copy to a mobile device to enjoy at their convenience.

An Líonra SóisialtaThe new series is the brainchild of independent producer Conn Ó Muíneacháin from Ennis, County Clare. After a successful career in local radio, he gave up broadcasting for the computer industry. 10 years later, he sees the two fields converging as technology has put the media into the hands of anyone who has access to the internet.

Conn will co-present the show with Fiona Ní Chéirín, a native of An Spidéal, Co. Galway, and a recent graduate of the multimedia degree programme at Tipperary Institute.

The series has been provisionally approved for funding under the “Sound and Vision” scheme operated by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland.

The 7 radio stations which have confirmed their participation in An Líonra Sóisialta are: Flirt FM in Galway, Raidio na Life in Dublin, Ocean FM (Sligo, North Leitrim, South Donegal), Clare FM, KCLR (Kilkenny and Carlow), Wired FM in Limerick, and Raidio Fáilte, Belfast’s new Irish language station which launched last Friday.
Conn Ó Muíneacháin
(pictured: Conn Ó Muíneacháin) more... [web]