Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ireland: Senator Joe O'Toole Podcast

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A weekly comment on the view of life from inside Leinster House. This week it's all about Michael McDowell's theatrics and the worry of the disgraceful lack of cancer screening services available for women in Ireland.
bhg says: well scripted & presented, it could well be a 5-7 live monologue, he should seek to use his own contribution footage from windmill tapes of Seanead Eireann. The copyright is held by the Chair, and the AUP is workable.

podcasts go shortwave

Starting on March 29, 2006, all of The Enigma Radio Network's programming will be available on Shortwave! Please turn your shortave dial to Frequency 15825Khz to hear our shows. We've posted the countries, states and provinces where the programs can be heard as well as what time you'll be able to catch the shows. As always, you can still catch our programming on the Internet. visit or
bhg says "scare at bed time radio" Declan Meehan in discussion with Bob Gallico

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Podcasts and radio shows from your favourite radio stations in Ireland Dublin's Country Mix 106.8

Declan Meehan in discussion with Bob Gallico and friends, recounting Bob's career in Irish Radio - originally broadcast in May 2005 on East Coast FM.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

IDJ2 for single ipod


thanks to sonic for the heads up, no prices yet and an august '06 release date

Sunday, March 26, 2006

comment casting your audio blog

I got an invite to join comment casting

it said on the tin

This will allow your listeners to reply with audio comments on a normal phone while listening to your podcast. Pausing your show, they simply dial our number, enter your ID and talk. The comments you approve will be embedded alongside your Podcasts in a subscription feed (RSS) for everyone to hear!

Robin Blandford who has designed the system tells me if you dial 076 60 20 927 and ext. 108 you can leave a comment for my brian greene podcast.

I tried it out - and its a wonderful piece of ingenuity. I see it good for callers into the show, but also a way that the host can quickly do updates to the cast & feed while on the move...

I will be interviewing Robin tonight for my next podcast...
[edit] Interview is here

more details from

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Podcast numbers overtake radio stations

There are now more podcasts than there are radio stations worldwide, matching a prediction made on an Irish blog site last year.

Brian Greene at the Blog Awards - photo by Bernie GoldbachIn November of last year on his blog Podcasting News Ireland, Brian Greene forecast that, with new podcasts growing by more than 800 per week, they would outnumber radio stations by St Patrick's Day 2006. He said that although podcasts are strictly speaking shows rather than stations, they are independently distributed and subscribed so the comparison holds true to an extent.

Podcasts cover a range of areas; the most popular is science, followed by religion, audio blogs, technology and talk radio. Other common categories include news, arts, movies and TV, sport, health, travel and food.

Apple’s iTunes website lists in excess of 38,000 podcasts in a variety of categories. Greene pointed out that even though some podcasts fit into more than one category, the figure cited by Apple excludes music podcasts. The figure of 36,000 radio stations derives from Fi Glover’s book on the radio industry I Am an Oil Tanker.

“The deal isn’t that I predicted this or I was right; it’s that there’s now more choice for the consumer,” Greene told He emphasised that this development doesn’t make podcasting bigger than radio as the latter medium has been around for more than a hundred years whereas the former is barely two years old.

“They’re not equal in size or money or importance but it’s about choice,” Greene added, suggesting that the alternative listening choice now available to the public via podcasting would mean the end for what he calls “wallpaper radio”. Unlike many mainstream radio stations which take their playlists from a narrow selection of music formats, podcasts are designed to appeal to niche audiences.

Greene, whose company consults and makes podcasts for Irish companies such as Irish Emigrant News and the Dublin rock radio station Phantom FM, will be speaking about the subject at an Irish Internet Association seminar, titled Commercial Applications of New Internet Channels on 12 April in Dublin. More details are available at

By Gordon Smith Silicon Republic 20.03.2006

Monday, March 20, 2006

BBC NewsPod

The BBC download trials have added a daily programme of highlights from BBC Radio News. Interviews and reports from the BBC World Service, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Five Live, and the BBC Asian Network

When I first discovered podcasts I made a wish list of 3 shows I wanted to get that way as I would rather be sleeping when they are broadcast.

1. Broadcasting House [BBC Radio4] has made it to podcast. downside fi Glover is on a break (maternity leave) and Paddy O'Connell is standing in, other downside, its 14 hours since this mornings BH and the rss feed is still for the 12th March.

2. Dr. Karl Up All Night [BBC Radio Five Live] Karl was replace by chris and now dr. art hister. The upside is that he is a very popular podcaster via triple J from ABC down under.

3. Air America Radio - while I enjoyed their casts for a while after they came out of bit torrent only mode they have since gone pay per listen.

But why do I write this, The BBC has extended the download trial (call it podcasting please) and come up with a beauty, a daily news show mon-fri that goes to server at 17:00. Its called BBC newspod, an awful name, would the BBC call 6 music BBC 6 DAB? No. So why call a show after the annoying part of the pod-cast name, and use pod in its title. I think were in that phase that LP's were in between Mono & Stereo, producers had Stereo but weren't too sure what to do with except confuse the listener, and the danceset stylus makers.

The show is hovering in the 40's & 50's in the UK & Irish iTunes listings and as these are based on new subscriptions and this show is new expect it to fade, but wait a minute, They have yet to publicise it on air, a mere newsletter push catapulted it into the top 100 in less that two weeks, word of mouth and broadcast mail!.

Presented by Eddie Mair its one of a kind in that it is not aired at all, its made for download only and serves up the best news audio that passed the human audio inbox of its producers each week day.

It takes output from across the BBC network so you could hear the chirpy vox-pop from radio1's newsbeat or a heavier piece from Radio4's Today programme. Have a listen - You decide.

get the feed [rss] BBC Radio Newspod

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Something's Wrong With My Radio

Question why is it that everytime I turn on the radio
I hear the same five songs fifteen times a day for three months
Man funk that !!
Get a new dj !!

AccuRadio Launches Celtic Music Internet Radio Station for St. Patrick’s Day

In time for St. Patrick's Day,, one of the world's leading multi-channel internet radio stations, has launched RadioCelt. Radio Celt features an entire set of radio channels specifically devoted to various forms of Celtic Music.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 11, 2006 –- Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day (3/17),, one of the world’s leading multi-channel Internet radio stations, has launched “RadioCelt” (pronounced “kelt”) ( a free service featuring an entire set of radio channels specifically devoted to various forms of Celtic music.

The stations are hosted and programmed by Michael Londra, one of the world’s top Irish tenors, having starred in “Riverdance on Broadway” and currently the featured vocalist in the national tour of “The Passion of the Christ Symphony.” Londra has also just released a new CD, “Celt,” on the LML Music label.

Because RadioCelt is streamed via the Internet to each individual listener’s PC separately, it can offer features that broadcast radio is incapable of offering. Those features include the ability to pause songs, to skip songs, and even, within certain limits, to customize the artists that play on each channel based on the listener’s own personal tastes!

The six channels of RadioCelt include…

Celtic: The finest Irish-based music from around the world

Celtic Rock: Celtic music with an edge – Irish rock acts like Black 47 and Seven Nations.

Female Vocalists: The gorgeous sounds of ladies like Karan Casey and Mary Black

Male Vocalists: The best male Celtic artists – from Brian Kennedy to Paul Brady

Progressive: New Celtic music from diverse artists like Afrocelts and Michael Londra

Traditional: For “trad” lovers, everyone from Altan to Tommy Peoples

Like all other Internet radio stations, RadioCelt is streamed to listeners’ computers, as opposed to being downloaded, and like virtually all other Internet radio stations, it is 100% legal and licensed by the music industry.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Imeall Uimhir a Céad - Tús maith leath na hoibre.

While others have started to podFade, Conn has set a date for the 100th Imeall podcast episode. Doesn't the President now have to send him a telegram now?
Ireland first podcast to reach 100 (?!), More power to ya Conn.

It will be on the eve of Patrick’s Day, Mar 16th. If you’d like to record a
message for the show, these are the options available.

* Phone (America): (201) 984-3419 (voicemail)
* Phone (Ireland): (087) 57408056 (voicemail)
* Skype: imeallach
* Record MP3 and mail it to imeall AT gmail stad com
* Deadline 15th March.

BTW I make that 100 since late june early july 2005! slow down man!
It seems like only yesterday me & Imeallach were swapping studio
notes and encouraging each other to go for it. on 29/03/06 I'll
hit the one year mark, and I'll raise a glass to Conn on the 16th,
where I will be DJ'ing (podUNsafe) in Bohs Bar 8 till late.

Making Waves Launches launches its first channel, Making Waves, 'the first Irish professional podcasting channel', in The Village, on Friday evening March 10th (6pm). To mark the launch a 30 second promo have been produced by its makers - listen to it by clicking here.

Making Waves is hosted by ex 2FM dj John Power, hits your players on Friday's and includes interviews with singer songwriters performing in Ireland.

Pod Fringe @

Bernie GoldBach is gathering together some of the most established podcasters in Ireland (& me) for a fringe event around this saturdays blog awards night.

Location: Alexander Hotel Dublin
Date: March 11th
Time: 3pm
Format: unknown
Awards: 7pm

Monday, March 06, 2006

switching RTÉ

If you woke up to Lyric on 2FMs slot & RnaG on Radio 1's slot on Astra2D, and RnaG & Lyric silent, the audio PIDs seem to have shifted....
why and when to be confirmed,
2fm 2323 -> 2321
lyric 2325 -> 2323
RnaG 2324 -> 2322
radio1 2322 -> 2320

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

something less boring instead

Are young people pursuing other interests?
Fewer young people are watching television, according to a report by the media watchdog Ofcom.

Between December 2003 and December 2005, total TV reach declined but the biggest fall was among young people - it fell by 2.9% for 16-24 year-olds.

During 2005, reach declined by 2.2% in that age group.

Reach is defined as at least 15 minutes of consecutive TV viewing in a week. Industry figures say the decline could be due to the growth of the internet.

Brian Greene Comments: or as David Bowie put it "...And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through..."

White headphones & mp3 phones, personal DVD and gaming. If the TV product looks like pop idol sounds like billy idol and they're not bone idol they will find the off switch. "you are the weakest link....." etc.

Or perhaps they are saying "no" to the drug of the nation.. television.