Sunday, February 26, 2006

IT@Cork Podcasts get Microsoft backing

it@cork are starting a podcasting project this year - thanks to the generosity of Microsoft! "This is something we have wanted to do for a long time" said Tom Raftery, it@cork's podcasting consultant, "with Microsoft's financial backing, we can now get this project off the ground."

it@cork's podcasting project is to record interviews with thought leaders in the it@cork member companies. The interviews will involve senior management telling compelling stories around their businesses - the story of their company, what the company does, what's interesting about the space they are in, etc. and it@cork will podcast those interviews. The plan is to publish one interview a week, so over the course of 2006/7 it@cork will publish 50+ thought leader interviews. more>
[bhg comment: congrats to Tom and IT@cork for the hard work]

Limerick based company announces human free podcasts

MagneticTime (, the innovative mobile audio company, announced today MT-Podcast, which lets anyone produce podcasts without the need for voice recordings. MT-Podcast will be available in Q2 and will revolutionize podcasting through deleting the need to record people speaking.

Users - corporate, departmental, team or individual - need only write their script in a Word document, and let MT-Podcast be their podcast announcer. MT-Podcast translates script into a natural sounding male or female voice in MP3 format, which can be posted on the internet as a podcast, as well as played on any MP3 player (including iPod, PDAs, mobile phones/cellphones, and PCs).

MT-Podcast lets anyone produce professional-sounding podcast recordings, easily and at low cost.

To create a podcast, people currently must read a script into a microphone, and then convert the recording into an MP3. The UK's Stuff magazine - and many other magazines and newspapers - currently produce podcasts this way. MT-Podcast simplifies this process by automatically and accurately translating written Word documents to MP3 Podcasts without the need for recorded voice. MT-Podcast can also be used for training manuals and news services, and anywhere else where people have traditionally had to read and record written material.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

no Chinglish we're Irish

the Irish Times reports
OnDemand Training (ODT), an Irish company based in Shanghai, is revolutionising language learning using podcasting, which allows you to download audio and video files from the internet and listen to them on your PC or iPod.

ODT's founder, Dubliner Ken Carroll, launched in September, a Mandarin Chinese language-learning portal that allows users to download audio lessons as podcasts. Since November, the portal has been in the top five of the world podcast rankings at boasting a total of 1.2 million downloads. The website gets 12,000-14,000 visits every day.
more >> [subscription required]

new RTE radio EPG numbers on Sky

'0142' RTE Europe
'0160' RTE Radio 1
'0164' RTE 2FM
'0165' RTE Lyric fm
'0166' RTE RnaG

the big switch is expected Tuesday 28/02/2006.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Phantom add eXtra podcast channel

Dublin's soon to be rock music radio station Phantom FM have introduced a second Podcast feed. The new feed will carry shortened more regular podcasts including a brand new series called iSpot - this will be a 15 minute spotlight on a new and upcoming Irish band. The first iSpot focuses on MIKE GOT SPIKED who play at our forthcoming gig in The Village. To subscribe to the iSpot podcast simply put the following code into your podcast software:

OR you can download the podcast directly by going to this link:

If you are really befuddled check out our "how to" page at: