Thursday, December 14, 2006


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RTÉ Radio announced today (13 December) that it publishes 30 podcasts, involving over 60 hours of programming, each week - more than any other Irish provider and many are regular entries in the Irish Top 30 podcasts chart.

The Tubridy Show, Playback and Conversations with Eamon Dunphy have all charted on Apple’s i-Tunes Irish site since they were first made available in October of this year. Other entries include the daily Morning Ireland compilation and the award-winning Documentary on One series.

Speaking about the podcasts, Paul Russell of RTÉ Radio’s New Media Unit says,

"RTÉ Radio has increased its podcast output to meet the needs of audiences who can’t always be around when programmes are first aired on the radio. The popular download format gives listeners the opportunity to subscribe to regular programme selections and listen to them on their computer or audio player whenever they want."

RTÉ Radio’s podcasts cover numerous genres of programming including news, sport, arts, education and science so there is something for all tastes. From January, RTÉ Radio plans to podcast Macbeth in Monaghan, a series designed as a study aid for Leaving Cert students, and the broadcaster will also podcast several RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta programmes which will vastly increase the amount of Irish language programming available.

All of RTÉ Radio’s podcasts are available from RTÉ’s award-winning website, RTÉ.ie and with so many popular new podcasts, Apple i-Tunes has given RTÉ Radio 1 its own page on the i-Tunes site.

The growth in podcasts is one element of RTÉ Radio’s move into the digital age. Another is the news that RTÉ’s four fm services, RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2fm, RTÉ lyric fm and RTÉ Raidio Na Gaeltachta are now being aired in the Greater Dublin and the north east areas on the Digital Radio format known as DAB or Digital Audio Broadcasting.

Date: 13 December 2006

For the full index of RTÉ radio podcasts visit

To visit the RTÉ podcast page on i-Tunes, go to the i-Tunes store and look for RTÉ through the search engine

For more information on digital radio visit

For further information or interviews please contact: Sarah Martin, RTÉ Radio Press Office, Tel: 01 208 2312 / 087 750 1850, Email:
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VoIPstar said...

great site for listening to all irish radiostations over the internet

12:26 AM  
VoIPstar said...

great site for listening to all irish radiostations over the internet

12:27 AM  
ODF said...

any chance of running a list of Irish pods?
Myself and my friend are running a football podcast, and it is hard to promote it as there is no community in Ireland.

3:54 PM  
cork-host said...

You may need to change the links...

RTÉ.ie does not exist... despite being a valid url. does...

9:27 PM  
brian greene said...

that was from their own press release, guilty as charged, c&p news merchant I am. no seriously i didnt feck with the PR as I wouldn't spin such text, best left as was... in fact as i never hyperlinked it, I wont correct their mistake. on reflection it was not a mistake by RTÉ its the difference between plain text and HTML press releases, so more a tech grammar error & over active s/RTE/RTÉ/ substitution on RTÉ behalf. OK ill fix it. sorry to be crankie - just ending a 37 hour stint....

11:14 PM  

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