Thursday, May 11, 2006

Podcasting Trends

Google Labs has released Google Trends which allows web users to see how many people have searched for a particular term over the previous couple of years. Although the results are based on a subset of Google searches the results for podcasting from Irish searches is quite telling. And what does it tell us? It tells me that the Irish are a nation of listeners and not doers.

Do a comparative search for the phrases Podcasting and Podcast and check the results by region. Ireland is the second highest ranked country for searches for these phrases even though our output of podcasts is about 0.1% globally. Globally there are about 80,000 podcasts and Ireland outputs about 100 of these so we are not exactly doers in this arena yet. But I say yet. There is obviously a bigger interest in this area here than anticipated if we are doing more searches on the topic than the US. I suppose that it goes back to the crux of the matter - we are a nation of listeners. In 2005 the JNLR showed that 85% of Irish Adults listened to the radio the previous day.

So we like to listen - which bodes well for the Irish podcasting industry. We might not be producing podcasts yet at a rate to match our European or US cousins but we are probably listening to a lot of podcasts. The audience is there - its time to start "talking" and delivering compelling Irish content to that audience.


Conn said...

Fascinating! I see the results are normalised as a proportion of total googling for the country.

I've been checking out our British neighbours for the first time this weekend, via I'm blown away by the quality, and by the completely different style to American podcasts. The music podcasts in particular are excellent.

I wonder what the British share of global podcasts is? It would be a useful comparison, taking into account the relative population sizes of Britain and Ireland.

7:09 PM  

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