Saturday, May 20, 2006

Podcasting - Just the Ticket

[www] snippets from a recent Irish Times piece on Podcasting.

Many would-be music podcasters are in a bind because of licensing problems which prevent the use of copyrighted material. There are moves afoot by various industry bodies to bring in a special podcast licence. In the meantime, most podcasters can get around this by using either copyright-free material or featuring a very large amount of unsigned bands.
There are also a few Irish music podcasts worth checking out. We like the Phantom FM podcast, and the recently launched New Music Ireland podcast is doing very well with its focus on rising Irish acts, although we could do without less of the overbearing presenter.


The Persuader said...

Thought the Irish Times article could have usefully given a link to directories for people to see what's available rather than just i-Tunes. Cryptic mention re Ticket Podcast - will be surprised if the old lady of D'Olier St, is not looking actively at the podcast option given success of The Guardian in this regard in UK.

12:25 AM  
brian greene said...

too true, the whole piece was spot on but lacked input by real podcasters. Re Guardian, yes the Times has the best demographic for the medium, bring it on.
thanks for the comment.
Brian Greene -

12:54 AM  

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