Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Irish Internet Association Conference Reaches a Global Audience

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[Dublin, 30th May 2006] The IIA Congress, which took place in Dublin on the 25th May, is now available to global audiences through the medium of Podcasting. The conference podcasts, which were produced by - a leading Irish podcast service company, where sponsored by Microsoft.

Podcasting is a method of publishing audio files to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed and receive new files automatically by subscription. Users can listen to podcasts from their PCs or using Ipods, Mp3 players and mobile phones with built in Mp3 functionality. In 2006 the Irish business community have begun to engage in the medium of podcasting as a communication tool. Events and conferences are the perfect vehicle for podcasting as it delivers highly compelling content to an audience who are not in a position to attend the event due to time or distance constraints.

Brian Greene podcaster with said "While podcasting events allows many who could not attend hear or see the event at a future time of their choosing it also allows attendees and speakers replay the event for themselves or for colleagues. It also acts as a perfect archive of the event. Podcasting extends the sponsorship opportunities and allows for interviews and vox pops, further engaging speakers, experts in attendance and conferences sponsors."

Commenting, Fergal O'Bryne, IIA CEO said "The IIA recently undertook to podcast as many events as possible. They engaged the services of to provide a full suite of services to enable the recording, editing, production and distribution of these podcasts. As a showcase event the recent Annual Congress was the first full day event to be podcast by the IIA. Held in the Killiney Castle Hotel the event featured speakers from Google, MSN, Yahoo, eBay, and Bebo. The congress was sold out. provided full podcasts of all the events and also a vox pop from a selection of delegates. The IIA intends podcasting as many events as possible and will continue to develop this area. The podcast for the IIA Congress was kindly sponsored by Microsoft."

The conference podcasts can be accessed at the IIA website,, or though iTunes.


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