Saturday, May 06, 2006

enjoy 8,000 new podcasts a week

podcast growth worldwide is growing at 8,000 a week. Since April 12 2006 25,000 new podcasts have been listed on PODNOVA.COM. this will be an annual rise of 100,000+ podcasts from its humble 3500 podcasts around the time when apple itunes 4.9 was released 10 months ago.

month year size of market
June 2005 3500
Nov 2005 18000
Mar 2006 37000
Apr 2006 55000
May 2006 80000

Feedburner alone has more podcast feeds than there are radio stations worldwide. The number of podcasts outstripped radio stations before March 17th 2006 (as reported here). Fueling this growth and the inevitable hype is not technology or a MP3 player boom but compelling radio content not heard in decades since the over formatting of radio began. - Brian Greene (podcast consultant at

see also april 12-19 measurements here


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