Saturday, May 13, 2006

5MPs 1 MP3 no RSS

Sinn Fein have started to podcast. see here. But perhaps the RSS feed was decommissioned, I can't find it anywhere. Any how fair play to them getting into this new medium.

Where is political Ireland and rss podcasts. here are a few feeds we found.

Near FM politics [RSS]
5-7 live political column [RSS]
Senator Joe O'Toole podcast [RSS] [itunes]
Leviathan - Political Cabaret at CrawDaddy [RSS] [iTunes]
indymedia podcast [RSS]
Cllr. Diarmuid Scully Podcast [iTunes]

Actually I just noticed that our very own Leviathan Podcast is #3 on iTunes!!!!!

if you know of other political podcasts shout them in to


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