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Podcasting Your Business

Every time you turn on the radio or surf the Internet, there's that word again: Podcast. Audio content is many times more compelling than text and so podcasting the young upstart to its more mature sibling the Blog is getting heaps of media attention.

Podcasts are thought to be primarily played on MP3 players such as an iPod. the fact is that only 10% of podcasts are played on an iPod, 10% are played on some other MP3 device and 80% of podcasts in 2005 are listened to online on a PC.

While iPod may have lent its name to podcasting, it is obvious that its not the end device that is driving the growth in podcasting but the new compelling passionate content that has arrived via RSS (really simple syndication) the technology behind blogs and podcasts.

At doop we believe that no one is more passionate about their company than the company itself. Bypassing agencies and advertising executives is a daunting prospect for many in marketing, 'its the way things always have been done', but technology has the power to revolutionise business. 10 years ago it was the world wide web, before it the fax the telex and the telephone, the future of relationship building with a businesses clientele is in what we now call podcasting. It's B2B & B2C marketing without the middlemen.

While the number of iPod's may be staggering, and its quarter on quarter growth astonishing the revolution that is really taking place is a content ownership one. Businesses for the first time have powerful client pleasing channels of communication open to them in spoken word and video podcasting.