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About doop

doop aka doopdesign is a 6 year old design company excelling in digital design and development.

Brian Greene is a veteran Irish Radio broadcaster who is fusing his internet consulting experience with his passion for radio via podcasting. Brian is considered by his peers to be a leading exponent of this new digital delivery system known as podcasting.

Geoff Parnell has been involved in radio on various stations since 1991, and until recently had presented jazz and film review shows on Dublins' Near FM. Geoff was a founding partner of doopdesign six years ago in his role as designer and developer.

Sinead Murnane first became involved in radio 10 years ago when she took a career break to study media production and went on to produce and present for Anna Livia Radio. Sinead has worked in the Internet Industry for the past seven years and joined doop one year ago, focusing on project management and internet consulting. Sinead loves talk radio and is very excited by podcasting, which she believes is the inevitable convergence of traditional radio and digital media.

Peter Walsh started in radio 20 years ago, and has been involved in music in various guises over the years, as a DJ, as a Sound Engineer and as a Composer / Producer. Released a record under the name 'Java' in 1998, and has been exploring new possibilities with digital recording and design. Peter has worked as web designer/developer for doopdesign for six years.