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Joomla CMS
Joomla CMS

Joomla! is one of the most popular Open-Source Content Management Systems available today. Its popularity means that there are thousands of plug-ins which expand its core functionality making Joomla a suitable candidate for almost any website requirement.

Joomla! has a user-friendly backend administration section where you can easily manage every aspect of your site’s content, users, media, components and modules. With a little training to familiarise yourself with the system it becomes simple to add, edit or delete images or text.

doop have been deploying Joomla! powered websites over the last number of years, and will seamlessly integrate your original designs and assist with planning and setting up your site structure and content hierarchy.

Joomla! supports multiple languages & is SEO friendly, you can add a shopping cart, image galleries, videos, blogs, calendars, data collection and reporting tools, banner advertising systems, subscription services, forums and chat software, RSS outgoing and incoming feeds, directories & hundreds of other features…

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Some Joomla! powered websites built by doop include: