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ISANDS website launched

On September 15th the new website of the Irish Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Society (ISANDS.IE) was launched by the Minister for Health and Children Mary Harney T.D. at the Croke Park Conference Centre. Over a year in development the site is a complete rebuild of the previous site first launched in 1997.

At the core of the new site is a digital version of the ISANDS Remembrance Quilt, the digital version has borrowed from the grid pixel nature of the million dollar homepage, making the size and capacity of the new online digital quilt infinite.

The new site also incorporates a new donation & shop facility which uses Realex Payments as a payment gateway.

We would like to thank Ron Smith-Murphy of ISANDS. for her dedication and work on this site and Colm Lyon of Realex payments for his vision of web services for groups like ISANDS.

[pictured left to right:
miriam o’callaghan (MC), brian greene, colm lyon, minister for health and children mary harney T.D., ron smith-murphy, sinead murnane.]

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social radio

blipping marvelous, it launched in May ’08 and exploded this August. from Fuzz Artists, Inc is one vision of social radio.  Radio from the bottom up not top down.  When things are turned on their head the world can seem upside down, a revolution is taking place.

Radio listeners are being courted 1Kbit at a time via the web & the mobile web.  My colleague Dean Whitbread explains here (and I will not try to repeat his text here) and Mark Ramsey of Mercury Media Research shows a mobile vision of social radio here.  coupled with efforts by radio’s vanguard like Rick OShea on RTE 2FM, who is using twitter & blogs to enhance the channels with listeners both on & off air,  social radio is sparking and it is resonating with audience and by passing the powers that be.

Below are some of my blipped tracks.  One thing I can add about blip, it’s lean forward & lean back radio, very clever.  To discuss this more meet me in Kilkenny Sept 27th 2008 at podcamp ireland where I hope to demo the PSP version of ilikeradio player.