doop have been providing digital media solutions to the Irish market for over 15 years. When we say digital media, we could be talking about a website like the one you’re reading (whether it’s on a computer screen, mobile device, ironing board etc.) or something more esoteric. Starting out with a rudimentary knowledge of turning on a computer, doop have, evolved over the years into the slick hip knowledgeable team of young(ish) slick hipsters you see before you. We are located on the right pulmonary artery of the heart of Dublin. So that’s a brief idea of the mindset of the organism called doop, here’s a look at the constituent parts:

The doopers:

Geoff Parnell
Geoff has over 15 years experience as a graphic designer, specifically in the area of web design. He started doop 15 years ago with Peter Walsh. His capabilities include an excellent knowledge of website building technologies including html, css, jquery. He is currently rethinking design layouts to be more responsive. He has also built high-end flash presentations which were further integrated online. As well as running doop he has been involved in radio on various stations since 1991, where he has presented jazz and film review shows.

Brian Greene
Brian is a Podcasting, Blogging & Social Media Consultant. Before joining doop Brian used to ring Peter & Geoff from his Baltimore Technologies office and ask them what cool stuff they were up to. Then he joined doop. Brian is tech mad, but his passion is for radio, all types of radio including podcasting and digital radio. When not in front of the PC (which is rare) Brian is always busy protesting about something or other. A supporter of all things Open Source, Brian’s mix of scripting, coding and advocacy in Open Community blend with the practical appliance of business requirements in an ever changing technology landscape.

Peter Walsh
Peter is one of our designers/developers, and is well-versed in the peculiar intricacies of HTML and CSS layouts. He likes to dabble in music software and produces music beds for the doop podcasts. He has a penchant for Chess, Film Noir, Dub Reggae and Leeds United. He is currently learning Spanish and teaching English!